Letting agents

You fill the property for the landlord. You hold the deposit. You collect the rent. You deal with the tenant and you manage the property. Then the landlord says he wants the property back. So you draft a section 21 notice and serve it on the tenant. In most cases the tenant moves out at the end of the notice. But if they stay, you’ll then need to advise the landlord to instruct a solicitor to issue possession proceedings.

The first thing we’ll do is check the section 21 notice. We don’t want to find a technical mistake but in nine out of ten cases we do. So we can’t start possession proceedings without first issuing a fresh section 21 notice with at least a two month delay. If the tenant isn’t paying rent, that quickly becomes a big problem for the landlord. Before you know it, you’re being accused of negligence and asked to cover the lost rent. You’ve probably also lost the landlord’s business for good.

Is it worth all this risk? The letting agents we work alongside don’t think so. Without trying to do their jobs we take away their risk – by preparing the section 21 notice and (if they want us to) serving it on the tenant. They pass on our charges or use us without our ever being instructed by the landlord … who doesn’t even have to know we drafted the notice.

Because we like to create long-lasting relationships, our fixed fees for producing section 21 notices are very modest. And if you retain us to prepare them for all the properties you manage, we’ll give you with a template up-to-date tenancy agreement without charge that you can use as needed. Get in touch with Andrew King for a no-obligation chat.

Andrew King, Director Head of our dispute resolution services and Squash challenger

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