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Joanna Nutchey

Q&A with Joanna Nutchey!

May 2nd, 2016


Lennons welcome Joanna to the firm… What’s a better way of getting to know a new colleague than asking some questions?

Why work at Lennons?

I live locally and trained at a High Street practice. I am motivated by helping people and I really like the fact that people can just walk in off the High Street and get advice about something that is bothering them.

Why work in Dispute Resolution?

It’s not because I like to have fights in case that’s what you’re thinking! I really enjoy the structure Court Proceedings give to the work that I do and the fact I can help people resolve issues which are causing them concern. We don’t always go to Court too. It’s nice to be able to be the third party that takes all the anger out of a situation and rather focuses people’s attentions on how to resolve a matter.

What’s the most difficult part of your job?

It’s actually the best part as well.  In dispute resolution I come across everything and anything; I can act for the claimant or defendant, the landlord or the tenant, a building contractor or the MD of an IT software company.  No two days are the same which on the one hand makes my job really interesting, but on the other means I’m forever learning new things and having to research things I’ve never looked into before so it can be pretty exhausting at times.

What have you enjoyed most about Lennons so far?

Everyone is really friendly and willing to help.  This means that in turn I can offer my clients the best service possible.  As much as I can research a topic it’s not quite the same as being able to discuss it with a colleague and learn from their experiences.

What’s your next holiday destination?

My friend’s sister is going to teach English in Vietnam next week so I am hoping to go and visit her at the end of the year.  I have always wanted to go so am really excited that I will have a friend out there and can therefore pretty much just pack my bags and go when I feel like it.


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