Training contracts

Would you like us to help you become a director one day? That’s how seriously we take the development of our trainee solicitors.

You’ll act as junior solicitors with regular client exposure and plenty of responsibility. We won’t lie, it’s demanding and we set high standards, but it’s totally worthwhile. Just ask Andy Coyle, our Managing Director, and our two directors Andrew King and Hana Kmotrasova, who started out this way.

We are currently looking for a trainee solicitor to join us in September 2016.
The closing date for applications is 31 January 2016.

Successful applicants will be invited to an initial interview in February/March 2016. The final stage of the application process will then be an assessment day in April/May 2016 for the top six applicants.

All applicants must have completed the Legal Practice Course or be set to complete it by the summer of 2016. Applicants will be expected to have attained a commendation or distinction on the LPC and must also have achieved a 2.1 degree or higher. Applications will be considered from candidates falling outside of this criterion if mitigating circumstances can be demonstrated. These mitigating circumstances should be provided within the application.

To apply, please fill out the online application below. If you would prefer a hard copy, email

Training contract application form 2016

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AS levels

A levels

Degree - undergraduate

Classification ​ First2.12.2Third

Degree - postgraduate

Classification ​ First2.12.2Third

Common Professional Examination
(where relevant)

Classification ​​​ DistinctionCommendationPass

Legal Practice Course

Classification ​​​ DistinctionCommendationPass

Compulsories % Electives %
Business Law and Practice
Civil Litigation
Criminal Litigation
Property Law and Practice

Other educational qualifications

Mitigating Circumstances

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Employment & Experience

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