About us

What we stand for…

Proud to be independent

We’re 100% independent. We don’t want to be part of a national brand, or a small cog in a huge corporate machine. So unlike others, we’d never even think of asking you for your file number or reference. We’ll always know who you are, what your case is about and treat you as an individual.

True specialists together

We’re specialists and we’re experienced at what we do. We’ve been practising law for over thirty-five years and the combined talents of our specialist lawyers is stronger than any one individual. We work together, combining our collective knowledge and expertise to give you the very best personal service.

Down to earth

We take great pride in being the most friendly, personable and approachable lawyers you’ll meet. We don’t like pomposity or hiding behind jargon – and we know that you don’t either. We’ll make a point of getting to know you personally, making everything as straightforward as possible, plus we’ll explain everything in plain English so that you’re put at ease.

Open and honest

We wouldn’t want to instruct an electrician with an open cheque book – and we don’t think we’re any different from you – so we’re entirely transparent about our charges. We’ll tell you what they are upfront. In almost every case they’ll be fixed so you can instruct us with full confidence, knowing what to expect and how much you need to budget for.

Exceptional customer service

We want you to think of us as the only firm you need to call for legal help or advice. And with every new instruction, no matter how small, we see the possibility of a lifelong relationship. We’d love you to tell your friends and family about our great service. But we know that won’t happen by accident. So we’ll do everything it takes to achieve it by meeting and beating your expectations.

Value for money

The most important thing for us is to provide you with excellent value for money. We want you to be pleased with the service you receive, and the result you achieve, and to feel that the price you pay for that service and result is fair. We’re confident that the quality of our advice and the level of our service will provide positive and cost-effective results. We know there will always be others claiming to offer similar legal services at a lower cost and we have no intention of competing with them on price alone. We don’t think they can compete with us in terms of the quality and reliability of service that we provide.