Andy Coyle

Lennons Solicitors Managing Director and lead guitarist. Heads up our commercial and property services.

Andrew King

Lennons Solicitors Director and squash challenger. Heads up our dispute resolution services.

Jenny Russell

Lennons Solicitors Compliance Director and gutsy skier. Heads up our compliance services.

Real people. Clear advice. Now we’re talking.

So why would you choose Lennons Solicitors over any other lawyers? It’s an important question – after all, you’ll be entrusting us with important aspects of your life or business.

The answer’s simple. As well as being experienced lawyers based in Buckinghamshire, with offices in Chesham, Amersham and Beaconsfield, we employ the right mix of people. We see it as a given that we will select the best lawyers, but for us, personality also counts. We only choose lawyers who are able to relate to you and understand your situation. Our team of experienced, personable solicitors will communicate options to you without jargon, put you at ease and treat you in the way that’s right for you or your business.

We think it’s about getting to know you and offering honest, trustworthy, clear advice – while relating as people to what you may be going through. Whether we’re meeting over a coffee or talking on the phone if your time is limited, we’ll always concentrate on giving you the personal service you deserve.

We’re real people who care passionately about what we do. Whether that’s practising law, spending time with friends, or doing the things we love outside of work. At Lennons Solicitors, we believe it’s everything in life that makes us the better, well-rounded lawyers we are.

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