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How Queen Bee Syndrome Is Affecting Workplace Bullying

September 1st, 2018

There is no doubt there are many issues that people have encountered in their place of work, from discrimination and sexual harassment to unfair dismissal and workplace bullying. However, solicitors can provide valuable advice if you are unsure of what the best course of action is to take against any problems you have experienced in your current employment.

According to a study from Development and Learning in Organisations, 70 per cent of female executives said they felt that they had been bullied by women in their own office. Furthermore, they believe that it has affected their progression in the company.

The research labelled it as ‘Queen Bee Syndrome’, meaning that it is where a ‘Queen Bee’ will treat a fellow colleague in a way that is either demoralising, undermining them or changing other’s people perception of them and bringing down their social position with them.

Cecilia Harvey, who led the study and is the founder and chair of Tech Women Today, commented: “Queen Bee mischief manifests in ways that can have lasting negative effects on individual careers and entire organisations.

“Along with the approximately 70 per cent who had endured ‘the sting’ of the Queen Bee boss, 33 per cent had been on the receiving end of a woman on the same level or below being unhelpful, holding them back or undermining them.”

If you are facing problems with another colleague, you might feel the best option is to report said individual to a senior management. However, you could find that it is more difficult if they are in a high-ranked company position.

You should not feel like this is an issue that is unwinnable, especially as you could take this case to an employment tribunal and put forward a claim for bullying in the workplace. In fact, you do not want to let it continue to the point where you hand in your notice and you must leave your position within the organisation.

Issues in the workplace are not that far away from the public eye or being covered in the media on a frequent basis. You will find that bullying is a topic that will not be shunned either.

ITV and Tall Story Pictures are set to produce a drama that centres on this subject matter in the workplace. The Man is a three-episode physiological drama that will be set in a business park in Reading, with the main character, Thomas Benson, trying to salvage his career from a failed pitch. Thomas tries to climb his way back to the top, but he believes that he is under attack, out of control and undermined.

Polly Hill, the head of drama for ITV, commented: “The Man is another gripping story by Mike [Bartlett], which explores the complex subject of workplace bullying. It brilliantly moves between being very funny to very painful and will have viewers hooked.”

What is interesting is that the show might lead to more people to talk about their experiences on social media platforms, which could be like how many came forward to share their views as part of the #MeToo movement. If you are experiencing an issue now, though, then you do not want to let it prolong to the point where it has a damage on both your career and your health.


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