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Work Experience at Lennons Solicitors

February 23rd, 2016

Miriam Bonney spent two days with us on a work placement last week and shares her experience below

My two days at Lennons Solicitors in Chesham were very fulfilling. All the staff were warm and welcoming and I was given plenty to do; I was able to read through the files of various different cases and I also got to write up a witness statement for a personal injury claim. I talked a lot with the solicitors who worked there and they told me about the various types of cases they deal with and the different ways in which they approach them.

I was given a work experience booklet with different tasks which I was able to complete over the two days. It was very valuable in guiding my research and I feel that it enhanced the usefulness of my experience.

During the course of my work experience, I assisted in Finance, Probate, Personal Injury and on reception, thus enabling me to gain a greater understanding of the workings of a solicitors’ office. I learned about how the money and post are dealt with and I was given the opportunity to sort out the banking, deliver the post and also use the franking machine. Hearing about the making and dealings of a will was extremely interesting and helped me to further appreciate the intricacies of Probate Law.

I am very grateful to Lennons Solicitors for giving me such an excellent opportunity to experience first-hand what working in a law firm is like. While at Lennons I got on really well with everyone at the office and I really felt as though I was a valuable member of the team.

If you would like to spend some time with us on work experience, please complete the application form on the ‘Working For Us’ page.


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