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56% Of Brits Have No Wills In Place!

November 23rd, 2018

No one likes to think about a time in the future when they may not be here with their friends and family but making provisions for after your death is vital if you want to ensure that relatives are well looked after once you’re gone.

New research from Direct Line Life Insurance has just revealed that 56 per cent of Brits – 29 million of us, in fact – currently have no will in place… and of those who do have such documents arranged, only 32 per cent drafted their wills with professional legal support.

Making use of will solicitors is certainly advisable, because you need to know that your wishes will be followed once you’re no longer here. You want to know that the assets you’ve worked so hard for will actually go to the people you want in an efficient and tax-effective way – and the best way to go about this is by hiring a team of legal professionals who can advise you throughout the entire process.

Some seven per cent of those asked in the Direct Line study said they used on online tool kit to draft their will, but this means the document may not be legally binding since you may not have followed the rules closely, such as having the will correctly witnessed.

“Death is never an easy topic to discuss, but should the worst happen it is a conversation you are likely to have wished you’d had. Leaving a valid will is crucial, as intestacy rules do not take into account the various family dynamics people face in the UK and can be made more complicated by multiple marriages, divorces, children and step-children,” business manager at Direct Line Life Insurance Jane Morgan said.

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