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Strike action leading up to Christmas

December 19th, 2016

It is one of the busiest times of the year for post and travel from sending out our Christmas cards and presents to visiting our friends and family home and away. It therefore comes as no surprise that Unions in those industries would use this festive period as leverage for their strike action.

As reported today on BBC News ( Post Office and rail workers have gone on strike action this week. The topics at protest for workers at Crown post offices are closures, security over their jobs and pension changes.

Director, Andrew King, comments “With the number and frequency of strikes ever on the increase, does strike action have the same desired impact? Whilst I do not think so, the strike action that we have seen is not the same picture it used to be with Unions now going to greater lengths to increase their impact including the threat of disruptions over the busy festive period, I find it likely that these workers’ actions will be the catalyst required to prompt meaningful negotiations.”

We saw last week the effect strikes had on some of our train services. We shall have to see what the holidays have in store for us.

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