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Stricter Enforcement Of Gig Workers’ Rights Promised

February 10th, 2018

The government has announced that it will be more strictly enforcing the rights of employees on zero-hour contracts, as well as agency workers.

This means ensuring that staff receive the sick pay and holiday pay that they are entitled to, with business secretary Greg Clark telling the BBC that the government is keen to enforce these rights and ensuring that all workers know what they are entitled to.

“We want to embrace new ways of working, and to do so we will be one of the first countries to prepare our employment rules to reflect the new challenges,” he told the news provider.

The government’s action comes after the Taylor Review, which was conducted last year to look into working practices in the UK. Ministers have accepted almost every recommendation to come out of the review.

However, union the TUC has criticised the government for not going far enough, describing the move as “a baby step”.

Frances O’Grady, TUC general secretary, commented: “These plans won’t stop the hire and fire culture of zero-hours contracts or sham self-employment.”

The director general of the Institute of Directors Stephen Martin told the BBC that this has the potential to be the “biggest shake-up of employment law in generations”, and as a result that it’s sensible for the government to take a more cautious approach.

Employees should also make sure they know what to look for in their employment contracts, to ensure they’re being treated fairly from the outset.

It could be advisable to work with employment solicitors to ensure any contracts you offer to staff are fair and legal, and that you know your obligations to avoid heavy penalties.


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