Landlords and tenants

Our thriving landlord and tenant department acts for both landlords and tenants. We also join forces with letting agents to tackle problems with the rental of properties.

All our landlord and tenant services are available for fixed fees – and we’re always willing to assess your position and options upfront at no charge.


When everything’s going right and you’re receiving rent on time, all’s well with the world. But the moment your tenants start to cause you problems, the life of a landlord can become incredibly stressful.

We can provide you with a written tenancy agreement for a fixed fee – up-to-date with the most recent changes in the law. If you face a problem with your tenants, we can act swiftly and decisively to get you possession of your property. Repossession law can be technical, but our specialists know how to navigate the legislation expertly to make sure you don’t come unstuck.

If a tenant hasn’t paid you rent or has caused damage to your property, we can also obtain a judgement against them which can then be enforced to secure payment. But tenants are usually entitled to a minimum notice period, so don’t delay. If you decide you want possession of your property back, call one of our experts.


The law has strengthened over the years to protect the rights of tenants. On the other hand, there are unfortunately still some unscrupulous landlords out there.

If you’re faced with an eviction notice or a notice for possession, call one of our specialists immediately for advice. We’ll explain your position to you and talk you through your options. If the landlord isn’t entitled to evict you, we can fight the notice to make sure you stay in the property.

Your landlord owes you a number of obligations. The most important ones allow you to enjoy possession of the property without being unduly disturbed, and to make sure it’s habitable. If you feel your landlord is harassing you or ignoring a problem (like a broken down boiler), ask one of our specialists for help. We can take steps on your behalf to force the landlord to do what’s needed. All our services are available for fixed fees.

Andrew King, Director

Head of our dispute resolution services... owned by Alfie.

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