In a world where the internet is one of the most accessible forms of media, what happens if someone publicly publishes untruths about you or your business, and that has an adverse impact on your reputation?

We can advise you on your legal rights to bring a claim for defamation in cases of libel (written defamation) or slander (verbal defamation), as well as the subsequent losses as a result of the damage to your reputation. Our specialist defamation solicitors will advise you on the best course of action every step of the way.

We also act for businesses and individuals where allegations of defamation – be it libel or slander – have been made. We will advise you the process to help defend your claim, or where necessary, look to come to a suitable compromise.

We understand that defamation claims are extremely stressful and can have a huge impact on your personal and professional life, especially when the published information is untrue, or the allegation against is not correct. We will fight meticulously for you to achieve the best outcome, ensuring that the path to get there is the right one for you and your case.

But, you have to ensure you act quick to bring a defamation claim as there is a strict one year limitation period from the date you incurred your losses. This time usually starts running from the date the untruth was published. Get in contact with one of our expert defamation lawyers today to talk through your options for a fixed fee.

Andrew King, Director Head of Dispute Resolution and squash challenger

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