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Selling A House? Red Doors Are The Most Welcoming, Study Reveals

December 17th, 2017

If you’re trying to market a property at the moment, you might want to paint the front door red to make visitors feel as welcome as possible as they step over the threshold.

A new Leeds Building Society study has found that 19 per cent of people think red is the most welcoming colour for a front door, with other popular colours and shades revealed as being white, blue and a natural wood finish.

Green, black and yellow were found to be the least popular shades, so perhaps avoid these if you do want people to get a good impression of your house before they even step foot inside.

Professor of colour science at the University of Leeds Stephen Westland commented on the findings, saying: “It was interesting that in this study red and white both score highly as welcoming colours for doors and that black, as well as yellow, scores poorly … Colour is important for several reasons, not least because it can convey meaning, not just in an abstract sense but also in real-world applications, depending on context and culture.”

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