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How to make a successful training contract application

January 10th, 2014

Trainee Solicitor, Krishnan Nair, offers some tips to this year’s applicants

Making a successful training contract application is no easy feat.  From the get-go the most important question you need to ask yourself, as you may know by now, is ‘how can I make my application stand out?’

So what are the key elements of that well-worded, attention-grabbing application?

Be honest

This can’t be stressed enough.  Be honest with us, and most of all with yourself.  Make a quick evaluation.  What am I good at?  What needs a bit of work?  You want to avoid overstating your skills, but equally – and this is important – don’t undersell yourself.  If you genuinely believe you have a talent for something, tell us about it using examples.

Show off your personality

At Lennons Solicitors we pride ourselves on the diversity of personality we have here.  What’s special about you and what will you bring to the table?  Don’t feel constrained by clichés or by what you think we want to hear.  A common mistake is believing you ought to include certain ‘time-honoured’ stock phrases.  Well, don’t!  Be original but concise.  Be bold but sensible.  If you have something interesting to tell us about yourself, please do (keeping within the parameters of good taste, of course!).

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!

Screen out the inessential, cut the jargon, check for spelling mistakes.  This is your chance to make yourself known to us – don’t let yourself down with typos and repetitions.  You’d be surprised by how many little errors can creep unnoticed into application forms.  Get someone else to check it over – it always helps to get a different perspective.

Best of luck!


Krishnan is a second year trainee with Lennons Solicitors having joined in September 2012.

We are currently accepting applications from aspiring trainee solicitors with a view to starting a training contract between June and September 2014.  The closing date for submission of application forms is 31st January 2014 and should be submitted via our website.


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