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Majority Of Companies Have Not Reported Gender Pay Gap Yet

October 12th, 2017

If you believe that your employer is discriminating against you on the basis of your gender, you may be interested in talking through your situation with the best employment solicitors around. In this day and age, though we’d like to think that discrimination against women in the workplace is not such a big problem, evidence such as the gender pay gap says otherwise.  

How seriously large companies are taking this issue has been called into question, as many have not yet disclosed their gender pay gap figures, some six months after the UK government ordered them to do so, according to the BBC. 

With a year to declare pay figures, ending in April 2018, these companies still have time to make this declaration, however, it may be telling that only 85 of 9,000 companies have done so so far.  

Charities, alongside public and private sector employers with more than 250 staff, are all required to make these declarations as part of a plan to tackle workplace discrimination according to the BBC. These 9,000 companies make up just under half of the UK’s workforce.  

Jane Gratton, head of business environment at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said that it would be important for these figures to be revealed in ‘context’: “The government should publish sector averages so firms can benchmark themselves against others in their industry, and ensure they are doing all they can to attract and retain the vital skills women bring to the workplace,” she said.

While for many firms, it may just be a case of the time required to prepare the figures, some question whether firms are delaying publishing to prepare for a backlash of negative publicity.


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