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Press release – Local land dispute

September 12th, 2013


W. J. & M. Mash Limited dismisses Chiltern District Council interest in land at Lye Green Road for Gypsy, Travellers and Travelling Showpeoples site.

A Delivery Development Plan Document entitled ‘Gypsy Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Site Options’ was recently issued by Chiltern District Council as part of its Public Consultation.

In the DDPD, the Council identified 8 sites and 4 areas of search for development.  Area 1 is an area south of Lye Green Road in Chesham.  An article printed in the Buckinghamshire Examiner on 5 September 2013 reported this as being one of the plots identified by the Council.

Area 1 is privately owned by W. J. & M. Mash Limited and the company wishes to convey that it has never communicated to the Council, or any third party, that it is interested in developing this land for the purpose identified by the Council, or in selling the same.

The company is disappointed that the Council proposed the land at Lye Green Road as a possible site for development without ensuring the company was supportive beforehand.

The company will be responding to the Council’s Public Consultation in due course but releases this public retort in order to reassure local residents as to the company’s position.

Any enquiries of W. J. & M. Mash Limited should be directed to the company’s solicitor, Andrew King of Lennons Solicitors, on 01494 773377 or by email at


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