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Land Registry’s Property Alert

January 25th, 2017

Jessica Giddins, who is based at our Property Department in Chesham, discusses the positive step the Land Registry has taken to avoid fraudulent activity on Property Transactions by introducing Property Alert.

The Land Registry Property Alert is a free service for clients to use which, will send the client, once an online account with the Land Registry is set up, an email alert notifying them of any proposed changes in the registration of their property. Up to 10 properties registered in England and Wales can be monitored from one email address.

Fraudsters increasingly target property transactions and so this scheme is a step towards detecting and combating the fraudulent activity. Registered proprietors will receive email alerts on any new entry which is created on the register of their property, alerting them to any activity, such as applications to change the register or an official search of the property register, regardless of whether or not the activity is suspicious. This can prevent the most common types of property fraud involving empty or rented properties and also properties which are not subject to financial charges where it is easier for the fraudster to assume the real owner’s identity.

Whilst solicitors may alert their clients to the existence of the scheme and offer to register clients for this service, the Land Registry have advised that as the scheme is designed for use by private individuals, clients are encouraged to sign up themselves in order to receive alerts to their email account directly.

The Land Registry is keen clients signed up for the Property Alert, whether this is through their solicitor or themselves as an individual and take this step in an attempt to avoid any fraudulent activity on future property transactions.

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