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Increase in High Court claims against employees accused of stealing company data to assist with new jobs

November 20th, 2017

The Times has written in its article today that there is a 25% increase in High Court claims against employees accused of stealing company data to assist with new jobs –

Director, Andrew King, comments, “Although the number of claims remains relatively low, just 50 cases in 2016, this has increased by 25% from the 40 cases in 2015. This marked increase could be down to the option of applying for compensation by way of damages when bringing a civil action rather than bringing a criminal action for theft.

“With technology advancing at an incredible speed, and the majority of information now being stored electronically with easy access, the instances of employees, especially those that leave on bad terms, taking confidential information is likely to continue to increase and as such the number of claims in the High Court will continue to rise.”

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