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How To Give Children The Best Christmas When Divorcing

December 21st, 2018

Going through a divorce can be an extremely difficult time for the whole family, but particularly at Christmas when children are likely to want to spend the special day with both of their parents.

Here is some advice from divorce lawyers in Buckinghamshire on how to give kids a great Christmas despite the emotional upheaval of a separation.


  • Have respect for each other

It can be very difficult to show your ex-partner respect if the divorce is acrimonious, but it is important to try and do so for the sake of the children who are often caught in the middle.

Parents who do not live with their youngsters can feel very jealous, anxious or resentful if it is assumed they will not be able to see their little ones on Christmas Day, so it is essential to open up a mature conversation about it as soon as possible. suggests arranging specific dates and times each parent can see the kids, so each one gets to have some Christmas festivities with their children, even if these are not part of their usual schedule.

Do not forget that the parent who does not end up spending Christmas morning with their little ones could feel lonely and upset, so try and be respectful with alternative arrangements.


  • Do not compete with presents

Children may be able to get two sets of Christmas presents after a separation. However, the advantage of this is lost if gifts become a cause for war between their parents.

Try and avoid competing with your ex over the size or value of presents, and do not snatch all the items on their Christmas list before your former spouse has had a chance to look at it.

It is also wise to let them know what you are buying, so they can avoid getting the same thing.


  • Remember the kids

Children can feel torn at Christmas, particularly if it is the first without both parents living together, so keep them at the forefront of your mind. Do not berate each other in front of the kids; let them choose where they want to be; and if possible, try and join in some festivities together.


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