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Commonwealth Games 2014: Advice and Guidance

July 17th, 2014

The Commonwealth Games are due to take place in Glasgow between 23 July 2014 to 3 August 2014. The main issue that employers are likely to encounter during this time will be around productivity.

So What Can You Do?
Before the games commence you should consider having agreements in place with your staff with regard to time off: for example you could allow staff flexibility with their working hours and make up time where necessary or allow staff to swap shifts. By doing so, you should be able to maintain good levels of work as well as have a fully engaged workforce.

Whilst it is unlikely to happen, you should not indirectly discriminate by treating certain members of staff differently from others. British employees, for instance, should be afforded the same treatment with regard to having time off to watch any athletics coverage as your non-British employees.

Anything Else?
Any requests for annual leave should be considered fairly. A consistent approach should also be taken into account. The reality is there are many who do not like sports and they could quite easily perceive favouritism being displayed to those with sporting interests.

Where there is any unauthorised absence, due process should be applied and operated consistently amongst all staff. The chances are that you will only need to deal with sickness absence issues formally in instances of: (i) late attendance due to post event hangovers; or (ii) high levels of sickness absence due to watching some sporting events.

Staff that have access to websites, social networking sites, twitter or emails should be reminded or informed, if there is no clear policy is in place, of the expected behaviours. This is so that you are able to deal with any issues adequately if there is any abuse. Equally you should ensure that such measures are taken with regard to your no alcohol policy at work. Unfortunately, it can be easily overlooked. There are many who would participate in a drink or two whilst watching an event off site during lunch.

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