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Bar Worker Wins Zero Hours Contract Case

July 2nd, 2018

A bar worker in Inverness has won a legal dispute with his former employer about the last-minute cancellation of his shifts when he was employed on a zero-hours contract.

The BBC reported on the outcome, which saw Alasdair Thomson settle the case with the bar he used to work at before a judgement was handed down.

Mr Thomson said that late cancellation of shifts meant that he was unable to find other work to replace the hours lost at this bar, as well as making it difficult to “make basic plans about what you do with your life”.

He was supported by Better than Zero, a campaign that fights against the use of zero-hours contracts, with the organisation stating that it hopes the ruling will bring about “significant changes” to the way the hospitality sector operates.

This comes after a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that two-thirds of employers support the idea of allowing agency workers or those on zero-hour contracts to request regular or guaranteed hours on a more stable contract.

People Management highlighted the findings, noting that 41 per cent of employers felt this should be introduced for all employees with over a year of continuous service, while 32 per cent were supportive of this covering anyone who had worked for six to 12 months.

CIPD head of public policy Ben Willmott explained that allowing employees to ask for stability in their contracts “would help employers think seriously about whether flexible employment arrangements are needed and whether they are working for both parties”.

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