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6.5m Brits Fail To Discuss Wills With Family

March 12th, 2019

Talking about death is not something Brits are particularly comfortable with, and those who have sought advice from will solicitors often do not choose to share this information with their loved ones.

In fact, most people are so reserved that 6.5 million adults in the UK refuse to talk about their wills with their families or friends.

According to research from Royal London, 26 per cent of people avoid the subject because they do not like to think about dying. However, even more (27 per cent) do not discuss their wills because they do not want to upset beneficiaries.

Mona Patel, consumer spokesperson for Royal London, said: “Talking about dying can be seen as ‘taboo’ and it is not always easy to bring it up.”

However, she went on to say: “Discussing your will with beneficiaries means they are better prepared when the time comes. It is also hugely important for family members to be aware of vital decisions in your will, such as who will look after your children.”

The study also found that nearly half of parents (45 per cent) with children who are adults do not tell their offspring about the contents of their will, saying it is ‘no one’s business’ but their own or their partner’s.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Octopus Investments recently found that 48 per cent of potential beneficiaries are unaware of what they are likely to inherit, and nearly as many (41 per cent) have not talked to their parents about what they plan to leave behind, What Investment published.

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