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1/3 Black & Ethnic Minority Scots ‘Have Experienced Discrimination’

August 25th, 2017

If you’ve experienced discrimination at work, you’re certainly not alone. New research from the University of Edinburgh has just revealed that nearly one in three black and ethnic minority people in Scotland have experienced discrimination in the last two years.

Some 38 per cent of those surveyed said they had experienced discrimination when applying for a job, while 31 per cent said they believed it had affected their chances of promotion. Interestingly, 83 per cent of those who have experienced discrimination felt it was because of their perceived ethnicity.

Lead researcher professor Nasar Meer said: “While there is good news to report – that black and ethnic minority Scots continue to have faith in Scottish institutions to take racism seriously – there is clearly an acceptance of both low-level and more obvious experiences of racial discrimination in Scotland. This is illustrated in considerable under-reporting, and so more targeted support is needed to help overcome this.”

What to do if you experience discrimination at work

If you think you’ve been unfairly discriminated against in the workplace, you can either complain to the person involved or your line manager/HR department. Alternatively, you could use mediation or alternative dispute resolution to help you to resolve the issue, or you could bring a claim in a tribunal or court.

As an employee, you should talk to your employer first to try and resolve the situation informally.

If the matter is not resolved and you want to consider the options in relation to proceeding with a claim then get in touch with discrimination solicitors Lennons today.


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